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Rant for the day.....

It seems I'm coming here to rant lately. I really have a long one I want to write about Storm Atlas (well, really about people's responses in comments on various blogs to it), but I really should download a few pictures of the broken tree outside my apartment off of my camera before I do that, and I've been going to do that for months now.

Gah .... so far behind on pictures...............

But my rant for the moment is something else entirely. This one is about the Shrine to Music Museum -- which is now called the National Music Museum.

I ran into a post on a music site (blog? webpage? I think they actually still call it a bulletin board.....) where the owner had been referred to the Shrine to Music for information about researching an older instrument, which is neither here nor there -- the thing is he'd said in the process of his post "Has anyone heard of this museum?" And there was ... well, it's an honest question ... yeah .... but somehow there was a sort of snotty feel to the tone of the asking ..... or maybe I'm being overly sensitive? -- Original post is here: http://www.woodwind.org/clarinet/Equipment/HowOld/BBBC.html

So yeah ... we're out here in one of the flyover states, as they say, and the National Music Museum is not even located in one of our big cities. It's in one of our two largest state universities, but our universities are small compared to most states, USD had about 10,000 enrolled, about 6,000 full time. The town it's located in is about the same size, and part of that census population count is actually made up of university students. The closest cities are Sioux City, Iowa, half an hour away to the south, or Sioux Falls, SD, about an hour to the north.

So, as I said, yeah ... it's easy to overlook. But, dammit, it's also an absolutely awesome museum, with an incredible collection. God alone knows why it ended up out in the middle of nowhere, but it did, and it's one thing to not have heard about it, but it's another thing entirely to be snippy about it. I know it's not New York or LA or Chicago, or for that matter London or Paris or Berlin or Prague or Moscow. But for whatever reason it's here, and it's wonderful, maybe even one of the best specialized collections in the country if not the world.

So yeah. I'm being a bit snippy back.

National Music Museum They have a virtual tour. You can poke around to your heart's content.


I SCORED A COWBOY BEBOP POSTER! (For free, no less.) WOOT!!!!!!

(I just had to say that. Short entry is short.)


A girl who reads...

If all goes right, my attempt to post a link to another blog: Date a Girl who Reads


May. 26th, 2011

This one is for JessKat, because I know she loves over-the-top Steampunk stuff, but I know a few others of you do, too. Once it was an organ, now -- the ultimate high tech workstation.


I went missing...

Around my birthday, almost a month ago, I got behind.  I've been behind ever since and haven't even read my flist, much less updated my own LJ.  I just went back, tried to catch up, and after over two hours have made it back less that two weeks, and LJ doesn't want to let be go any farther back.  (It must be a sign from the LJ Gods....)

So, for the record, if I haven't commented on anything, that's why.  I've been trying to sort through graphics and get them uploaded to photobucket and off my hard drive, I just uploaded over 700 I think to various Hetalia albums that I have.  I have a whole bunch more miscellaneous stuff in about three folders that I need to sort out and coalesce into one and then upload.


Not quite a meme thing....

I got it from the wonderful dragonfare --

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

There are so many of you, actually ... and even more of you on my roleplay Facebook account, so I think I'm gonna hafta post it there, too.... And you know who you are.

And while I'm at it, swiped fromrandomdiversion, who swiped it from someone else --

Leave a ONE WORD comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more than one word. Then copy & paste this post to your own journal so I can leave a word about you.

Someone has to......

Because some things must be shared....

I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist....

If it won't let you see the whole thing, try it here:xkcd.com/556/


New LJ Spam....

1- Go to Wikipedia and hit random. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
Wretham.  It's a town in Norfolk, England

2 - Go to quotationspage.com and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
"I never put on a pair of shoes until I've worn them at least five years." -- Samuel Goldwyn (Uh, whut, Mr. Goldwyn?)

3 - Go to flickr and click on "explore the last seven days...". Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.  
Yeah ... it was awesome ... and it was under copyright.  So was everything else under that.  I had to find the creative commons feed instead -- but this was the third under one of the catagories.  Taken and uploaded by Oldmaison earlier today.

4 - Use photoshop or similar (picnik.com is a free online photo editor) to put it all together.  
I did it with Paint.net, which I still understand better than Photoshop.

5- tag people.  
Oh, come on, if you have time to do it, do it.

album meme picture


Resolution generator....

This was fun, and surprisingly sensible.... XD

In 2011, starwefter resolves to...
Go to the drop spindles every month.
Take evening classes in yugioh.
Connect with my inner northshield.
Eat more wales.
Spend more time with my black hills.
Learn to play the lucet.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:



Update: along with my entry here, I had posted a comment on The Bloggess's original article that said how cool I thought what she was doing was, and explaining how I've been given a tree this year.  She has a new entry here: thebloggess.com/ but the short version is that the original twenty cards went incredibly fast, and then someone offered to buy a 21st -- and a 22nd -- and then it snowballed.  She ended up matching up every name of a person who posted who was having a difficult year with someone else for something. 

Someone, having seen my last post here, or the comment (#275) I left on The Bloggess's original article, sent me an Amazon gift card, anonymously.  I am in awe, and very grateful, and since I don't know who did it, all I can do is say thank you from the bottom of my heart here.


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus....

Okay -- this year has been rough.  I haven't talked about this yet, except to a few personal friends here, and I was planning to do a well thought out, planned-in-advance, well-executed blog that I wrote, rewrote, edited .... well, you get the picture.  Instead, I'm blurting.

Last March one of my neighbors managed to get my husband kicked out of our apartment.  Not me, not the kid ... just my husband.  He was told if he left voluntarily the office wouldn't file formal eviction papers and there would be nothing on his record.

It came without warning, out of nowhere -- we were shell-shocked and not thinking straight.  We should have fought it, but by the time he realized that and would have been willing to, it was months too late to do so.  We're in low income housing because both he and I are on Social Security Disability -- so moving out immediately into another apartment was out of the question since we flat out couldn't afford it. HUD housing pays about half of my rent.

So he and I have been living separately since before Easter, and that has brought up a lot of other problems we had been able to sweep under the carpet till now.  He and I are headed for formal separation, and then divorce.  And financially things have been tight for both of us.

So, out of nowhere I sign on to the internet this evening and find this from The Bloggess, who normally just makes me laugh, sometimes on days when I have had nothing to laugh about:
thebloggess.com/ -- she was giving away 20 $30 Amazon gift cards because in the past a few times she's been too broke for words, much less Christmas, too.

Naturally I was hours too late -- but it has restored my faith in ... something?  People maybe?  Because that is just beyond cool!  And so I want to share what I did get that is beyond cool this year.  I have a  Christmas tree. 

My hometown, a midsized city, has a second-hand store which is run to help raise money to support the local homeless shelter that was started a few years ago by a born again Christian in an old Victorian house, and which has since moved into what was the old city hall building. Yeah -- I know -- I don't do born again Christians, I'm Wiccan, for goddess's sake, but once in a while one comes along that actually walks the walk and this one did.  Started a homeless shelter by himself during the Reagan era because he saw people sleeping in the park, started it in a house across from the park they at the time frequented, and offered free meals to all comers in a different park in town.  Some years later the shelter got the city to turn over the old city hall; now almost thirty years later it's recently opened a separate facility for women with children so that they have a safer environment, and it's still feeding any and all comers in the basement of the Cornerstone Rescue Mission, no questions asked.  And it runs a store....

We've always had a real tree -- one of the traditions that as a Wiccan I have always felt was important was to bring in living greenery in the dead of winter.  But a real tree, even a small one, is going to cost at least $40, maybe more, unless I go up into the National Forest and cut one myself and then I'll be spending the gas money instead, and depending on the weather, the roads, and my not-so-dependable car -- and $40 will buy something to put under a tree for my child.  So I called the Salvation Army -- they have a store, could they help me with a voucher for an artificial tree?  ....No -- but they referred me to the Cornerstone Store.  And the women there looked at what they had on the floor, went out into the storage area where the newly dropped off donations were, hunted around -- and I have a full-sized artificial tree for my living room and my child just waiting to be set up thanks to them.  For free.  I am in awe.

So -- thank you to .... well, everybody.  The Cornerstone Store.  The women at the Cornerstone Store who heard my story, let me fill out a voucher and gave me a tree.  The guy, Dave Adams, who founded the Cornerstone Rescue Mission almost thirty years ago on little more than a wing and a prayer and in the face of a lot of community opposition at the time.  And the Bloggess who just gave away $600 of Amazon gift cards in a very short time to make a few people's lives better because she'd "been there, done that."  

As one of my wiser friends used to say -- don't pay it back -- pay it forward.  I owe the universe, and so do a few other people today.  Thank you on behalf of all of us.

Writer's Block: Speak and spell

If you could cast one type of magic spell, which would you choose, and why?

Lighting things -- I want to be able to call fire.  Not so as to actually burn things down, but so I could light candles with wave of my hand, or pull the fire down into a campfire when the wood is wet.

"Typical Pathos Villain"

Sometimes someone just does something really good.  I love this guy's art, but this one made a point, too....

(Sorry I couldn't make it smaller.)

Original from a Russian artist named Phobs at DA: phobs.deviantart.com/art/Typical-Pathos-villain-180344151


Spirit Day

Originally posted by neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.


I Fluff You!

Snagged from randomdiversion ... because some things must be shared.....

(Who knew it was so sticky?? O_o )


Moving into the future ... er, present

Retro Dean from the oh-so paranoid duck-and-cover years is possibly fitting as my icon, because little old out-of-touch me has just gotten that necessity of modern life, the cell phone.  It's not the first cell phone I've owned, I think it's the third -- but it's the first with a camera in it -- the last two just made telephone calls, the most recent could send and receive texts also, supposedly, only we never learned to send them and we never got any except from the service provider telling us how much we owed them, and, once, an obscene one from a young and idiotic girl who'd dial a wrong number and then proceeded to give my husband three obscene phone calls and two obscene texts.  Strange woman....

So here I sit with a phone that does flips and spins (takes photos and video, plays music, signs onto facebook and twitter and god knows what else...) charging up, as I try to figure out how to program in and then get to my contacts list.

Welcome to the 21st century......

Over the past 10 years if you could identify one defining moment what would that be?

9/11.  It pulled us into two ongoing wars, and changed how we do scads of everyday things.  Knitting catalogs sold "safe cutters" -- things that would let you snip your yarn off at the end because embroidery scissors no longer allowed on airplanes.  We leave nail clippers in our car going to the county courthouse to license our cars because we now have to pass through a full security check and locally two formerly open doors (including the historic revolving front one) have been permanently closed off.  You used to walk into a bank, hand over your paycheck and open an account, now they run a check against your records to make sure you're not a terrorist before opening the account.

We accept all this and more as part of day to day life, because "that's just how the world is now."

Aug. 22nd, 2010

Time to pimp an author. I have loved P.C. Hodgell's novels since I first encountered them in the early 1980s, She is working on book six of the series and you can read an except in progress here on livejournal at tagmeth.livejournal.com/28216.html where she blogs.

Her first two books are available in a single volume from Baen called The God Stalker Chronicles and the second two as Seeker's Bane; book five was recently published and is called Bound in Blood -- read these in order, or the story will be confusing.  There's also a collection of short stories called Blood and Ivory that was published by a small press and is rather collectible and so unfortunately rather pricey; it's not necessary to the flow of the novels, but if you have money to burn it's a lovely addition to the set.


Writer's Block: Fashion trend of the summer

Which summer trend sent you running to the shops? Which trends are already tired?

Heat.  I think our air conditioner just quit working on what is supposed to be one of the hottest days we have this summer.

And that answers both questions.
Sometimes something will come along that will both inspire you and reduce you to tears. And this did me. Because I know I'm not the only one among my efriends who sometimes struggles, I give you The Bloggess: Red Dress Revisited. A reminder that sometimes there really is light at the end of the tunnel. And that it isn't always a train. It really is daylight.

Aug. 9th, 2010

I never get around to posting anymore, because role play has eaten me whole.  But I accidentally caught a writer's block a few minutes ago -- where would you go for a year if you could?  

I answered Wales, because there really in the end is no other answer for me.  (Yeah, I know, kaibagirl007, you're looking at me...)  I check out the "other answers" and there, a few below mine, someone else has also said Wales.  And she lists Cowboy Bebop among her interests.  I was turned on to Bebop by dragonfare who fangirls Spike.  What are the odds?  

Sometimes we just have everything fall into place and realize we aren't as weird as we think we are.  Or at least there are some people out there just as weird as we.  And that makes life bearable and me happy, because we have found our tribe.  :D

Writer's Block: My Journey

If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

Wales.  We think it's a past life thing....

Writer's Block: Super Computer

What do you wish your computer or laptop could do much better than it does now?

Upgrade easier.  The desktop  needs more memory, a newer, faster graphics card, probably an extra hard disk for storage.  I know I could insert all of these into it if only I knew how or the instructions were easy to find and follow.  Instead I'll have to take it to a shop to have it done for a ridiculous amount of money.  *sigh*

The laptop freezes up when I'm typing on AIM and occasionally on other places and then spits out a line of text.  In the mean time I think it's stuck.  Nothing is shown as running, no scans or anything, so I have no clue why it does this, since the desktop doesn't.  It throws me off my stride and is annoying.

Vista hides files, even when show hidden files is turned on.  I had something (I think a version of Adsense) triggering the cookie warning in my virus protection that it tried and failed to move to the virus chest multiple times.  The virus scanner gave me the path to the file, but when I went there with Windows Explorer to do a manual delete, it said the file wasn't there, only every time the virus scanner ran it found it in the same folder where it didn't show.  Since Vista refused to show me the file I had to delete the folder entirely instead to get rid of it.  It's at time like these I miss DOS.

Oh, and search used to let you find a file by file name.  Now it just searches for information in the file and for info on the web, not for the file itself, which you used to be able to search for by name, including with ? and * for wildcards in the search string.  I'm sure there's a way to turn file name searching on, but in a year and a half of trying I've never figured out how.  Again, it makes me miss DOS.

It's not good when you miss DOS.....

ComicsCon Counterprotest

Sometimes the counterculture has all the fun:

Counter protest at ComicsCon: Super Heroes vs. the Westboro Baptist Church

For a moment, though, to be serious -- I, oddly, know and like some fundamentalist evangelical Christians, even though I'm not myself.  The Westboro Baptist Church protest does not represent them and moreover gives a bad image to a religion that works for a large part of the population as a viable spiritual path.  Rather it is a lunatic fringe position in the same way that the abortion clinic bombers in the 1980s and 1990s did not represent the beliefs or have the support of the larger right-to-life movement and gave it a bad name.  In the same way that it is easy for the media to grab one of the more outlandish and controversial actions of a Pagan or Gay Rights event and focus on that, giving bad press to a movement, it is easy to for them to portray the hatemongering of the Westboro Baptist Church as representative of one style of Christianity, or of Christianity as a whole.

But that said. the Westboro Baptist Church is apparently famous for this kind of thing.  Hatemongering at it best -- or should I say worst.  Good grief.  My politics is liberal, my religion neopagan -- I know which side of the street I would have been on.  And like I said, we have all the fun.  ;-)

Aug. 3rd, 2010

I haven't done one of these for a while, so:

Happy Birthday [info]tehdavey!

Wasting time.....

I couldn't resist.....


Who's the tracker?

It's Who's on First?, done with Ninjas. If you don't know the original, it gets put up and taken down regularly on YouTube, so I'm not going to post a link, it's too likely to go away -- just Google it instead. Abbot and Costello did it about baseball, and they did it at about twice this speed, it's one of the classic comedy routines of all time. But that said, these guys didn't do a half bad job....


Now taking suggestions.....

I volunteered to help with the video room at our local animecon (it's a small con) for the completely selfish reason that if I am staff I get in for free.  (Hah!)  The guy running the room is looking for suggestions for videos to show.  He's willing to run movies in addition to episodic shows, and also is looking for "shorts" a la Hetalia to fill in the odd gaps at the end of a block till the top of the next hour.  In addition, he's thinking of doing some blocks dedicated to certain types of shows, such as a Magical Girl block, a Giant Robot block, etc.  The con is looking for mainly nothing above PG-13, but is willing to run some R-rated stuff overnight, and will card people to enter the room to see it.  

A lot of you on my flist are very familiar with a variety of anime -- any suggestions?

While we're at it, any ideas for what a middle-aged woman can cosplay?  Cheap, and without my bellybutton hanging out (or more precisely the tummy around the bellybutton) would be a definite plus.....

Civics lesson for today...

The Declaration of Independence was primarily written by Thomas Jefferson, and dated and signed in Philedelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 4, 1776. Most of my flist is from the U.S., but a few of you aren't -- so, in explanation, the Declaration of Independence is basically the letter written to King George III of England stating that the American colonies were removing themselves from the British empire -- in essence it was a declaration of treason against the crown and if the American Revolutionary War had gone differently the signers would likely have been hanged in punishment.

In no uncertain terms and in some incredibly well-reasoned and beautifully crafted prose, Thomas Jefferson delivered a very elegant "bite me!" to the King of England on behalf of the American colonies.  Read by a variety of actors including Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Whoopi Goldberg, Winona Ryder, and others.

More videos, courtesy of YouTube

It must be video day. Then I found this, courtesy of the Bloggess. Like all the best parody, it's done as though dead serious.

He's so sincere......

We interrupt this program....

Sometimes you find something just so skewed you can't resist.  Who knew partying on the Starship Enterprise was such fun?

So while we're at it:

(First one stolen from jillwheezul, second one I just hunted down because one of our local DJ's played it on the radio once....)

Midsummer's Night....

To those of the Pagan persuasion -- Happy Litha, or whatever your particular branch chooses to call it, and welcome to the Holly King!  To the rest of you -- Happy Midsummer's Day, when the light is most and the dark is least, the summer solstice!  ♥

Writer's Block: Rescue mission

If someone intentionally set fire to your home and you had ten minutes to get out, would you try to save the arsonist or your belongings?

Whether or not you save the arsonist is debatable, but do not save the belongings. They can be replaced.

A week ago yesterday I sat through a presentation at our public library by hydrogeologist Perry Rahn on the 1972 Rapid City/Black Hills Flood. He lived then, and still lives, in the the community.

The 1972 Black Hills Flood was a flash flood and he said is was one of the most damaging river floods in America during the 20th Century. It is included in the USGS's list of the 100 worst U.S. floods of any kind for that time period.  One of the things he said he learned in the aftermath is that in any kind of disaster what matters is to get the people out and not go back for anything else.  The survivors told story after story of lost family members who had gone back to retrieve something they thought was important, only to be washed away and never seen again.

Possessions can be replaced.  People cannot.

LJ spam grokked from Kaibagirl007

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).

Trust me to have something vaguely intellectual sitting near the computer -- Womanspirit Rising because I was supposed to send a reference to Lilith/Eve weeks ago to Myth -- so here sits the book, and I've never gotten the reference actually sent...  *sigh*

Myths present ideas that guide perception, conditioning us to think and even perceive in a particular way, especially when we are young and impressionable. Often they portray the actions of people who are rewarded or punished for their behavior, and we are encouraged to view these as examples to emulate or avoid. So many of the stories told to us from the time we are just old enough to understand deeply affect our attitudes and comprehension of the world about us and ourselves. Our ethics, morals, conduct, values, sense of duty, and even sense of humor are often developed from simple childhood parables and fables. From them, we learn what is socially acceptable in the society from which they came.

Writer's Block: Traveling Companions

What gadgets do you travel with when you’re going on a relaxing vacation? Do the gadgets you choose to bring tend to help you relax or keep you so plugged in that it’s hard to unwind?

My gadget is a book.

However a corkscrew and a bottle opener have occasionally proved really useful to have along....  As the boy scouts put it, be prepared....

The Scale of the Universe

I don't know if this will embed, so here is the link: www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/525347  Ignore the ad -- let it load, and hit play.

You get the "Scale of the Universe" smallest to biggest, with a sliding bar to adjust your position.  It's pretty cool -- much cooler than it sounds.



 Runs like a girl.  Jumps like a girl.  Whatevers like a girl.  Implication: women suck at sports.  Implication: if you're good at sports, you're not a real woman.

Apparently Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan plays a mean game of softball.  Implication: she's not a real woman?  She's lesbian?  Uh ... NO?  That is wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to take issue with it -- but for starters, how about: lesbians aren't real women?  Or the obvious: all softball players are homosexuals?  Or: what does this (her sexual orientation, her athletic ability) have to do with her qualifications and ability to sit on the bench anyway?

I actually do suck at sports -- all sports.  But my sister-in-law doesn't.  Neither does my niece, who is a damned fine hockey player.  What does being athletic have to do with your sex, or sexual orientation?  I rather thought we'd fought this battle about 30 to 40 years ago, in part over Title IX funding.

Ms. Magazine used to just call them clicks.  I swear we are moving backwards in this country....

Happy Birthday, Silver!

Happy birthday [info]larxeneauburn!  You're not getting older, you're getting better!

On a couple of roleplays, she's my adopted niece -- and she makes me feel incredibly wanted by yelling "AUNTIE!!  I love you!!! ♥♥♥" every time she sees me.  In reality, she lives in South America, speaks fluent English, is an incredible programmer, taught me how to make those hearts back there, fangirls with me regularly, and it a very intelligent young lady.  It's a blessing to have met her and to claim her as an efriend.

♥♥♥♥♥ You are a joy, and you did an incredible amount to make me feel welcome in the RPs, Silver.  Thanks for everything, both in and out of the RPs!!  You are a wonderful person and I'm glad I've met you!  I hope your birthday has been wonderful! ♥♥♥♥♥

Dancing your cares away...

Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up. I unexpectedly got one today:


If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?

So many to choose from, so little time....

Melrose Plant, from Martha Grimes' mystery novels.  He's witty, intelligent, classy, attractive, thoroughly off-the-wall, and willing to drink beer.  The conversation would be both elegant and crazed, and the pub crawl fascinating.

Pale blue dot....

 I got it from wishwords --

The World Would Be Better If Everyone Watched This Video

(though my pop culture side admits to getting distracted by trying to identify the movie clips)


Writer's Block: Googling Myself

Have you ever Googled yourself to see what other people can find out about you? If so, were you surprised at what turned up?

Not myself as myself -- but myself under a couple of online screennames, and under my historical recreation persona's name, to see what came up, yes....

B-day wishes....!

Happy Birthday, [info]spicy_diamond!

You save me from myself regularly, and you were the first to follow my LJ, which keeps me from muttering to myself like a madwoman.  May all your wishes come true today...

I hear the Merry-go and Sanji are on the way.... :)


Happy birthday, [info]kaibagirl007!

(I know you secretly work for Torchwood.... ;D )


LJ Spammed again.....

Comment on this post saying you want to do this. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.


Mysterious Manuscript

Sometimes the Astronomy Picture of the Day throws up something pretty cool....

The below is from something currently called the Voynich Manuscript -- possibly written in the 15th century, the over 200-page volume is filled with astronomy illustrations and has no known title, no known author, and is written in no known language.  This picture probably relates to the sun.

Read more at: APOD: 2010 January 31


more memes...

Grokked from my friend Dray on facebook:

Ok, ok. You wake up next to me in jail. What are the 4 words you'd say to me?


LJ userpic icon spam meme....

1. Leave me a comment if you want to do the meme
2. I will reply with 6 of your icons and then you have to post this up and describe them!

So, I did for both cindy_73 and for mythc_writer -- they both gave me the six, but some are the same. So I'm doing theirs together.

cindy_73 gave me:

1)Yugi - I'm surrounded by idiots
2)puzzled Joey
3)fangirl squee, Kaiba ripping off tie
4)Kaiba - I'll pretend I didn't hear that
5)Dean - Yeah?!
6)animated Loki & Heimdall -- not amused!

mythc_writer gave me:

1)animated Loki & Heimdall -- not amused!
2)Kaiba - I'll pretend I didn't hear that
3)kaitou kid - kiss
4)Kaiba licking his cards
5)Dean - Yeah?!
6)so many bishies

So, in no particular order. let's start with .... hmmmmm .... my default icon, So many bishies...

So Many Bishies  I made this myself. It has as many of my favorite cartoon men as I could fit in it.  Howl, Loki, Seto Kaiba, Dean McCoppin, Toya.  I really wanted to include Porco Rosso, but just couldn't get the kilobytes down far enough for LJ to accept. (*sigh*) The text is a play on the "so many men, so little time" phrase.

Then half my LJ list wanted one of their own -- which is why my comments sometime blink more or less in tandem with different bishies. (If you want one, too, I'll make you one, whoever you are....)

Yugi - surrounded by idiots  Yugi -- well, actually the Pharaoh, from Yu-Gi-Oh! -- having a bad day at the royal court. Seriously, some days we really are surrounded by idiots -- I use this when I feel I have been. Or occasionally when I'm the idiot in question. Nothing like a good facepalm, is there? I don't know who made this....

Puzzled Joey  Joey, also from Yu-Gi-Oh!, looking puzzled. Well, he isn't that hard to puzzle. Neither, sometimes, am I -- so I seem to use this a lot. Made by torakaka .

Fangirl Squee  Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! (are you detecting a trend here?) -- my all time favorite bishie. So when I found this sequence of screencaps from Kokoro no Naka at http://yuugiou.fran-web showing him ripping his tie off, how could I resist making an icon from it? Come on -- my favorite bishie, stripping? Cue the music.....

Kaiba - I"ll pretend I didn"t hear that...  Kaiba again. He's so snarky -- I can so hear him saying this. It fits the expression in the screencap, and I always really liked that white suit. I made this one, too.

Dean - Yeah?  This one, however, I just found out (finally!) was made by webmyrcury for the Animated Life forums, back when they only took 80x80 icons. I've had it forever, without knowing where I got it. Dean McCoppin, from The Iron Giant, who first introduced me to the fact that animated guys can be sexy (and also to the phrase "cartoon hotties"). He isn't generally snarky, but can be when the occasion calls for it. I use this one a lot. (A LOT!)

Loki and Heimdall - NOT AMUSED!  Loki and Heimdall from Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok -- Heimdall is usually trying to assassinate Loki, so if he's being nice, it's just plain creepy.... Every so often this really fits a situation, far more often that the Pharaoh's facepalm actually. Made by kurainoyume.

Kaitou Kid - kiss  My, doesn't she looks surprised?? The Kaitou Kid, a spin-off from Detective Conan: Case Closed, who I actually know nothing about from either manga or anime -- I fell in love with him from the brilliant Yu-Gi-Oh!/Kaitou Kid crossover fanfic Shuffle written by ysabet. Once in a while I need something to express love -- and this is it.... Made by acordak.

Kaiba - lick the cards....  Kaiba licking his cards? Oh, the hotness!  Imagine my disappointment when Myth tracked down the original episode, watched it, and found out he was only talking. So sad.... I really think he should have licked them -- in the middle of a card duel if he suddenly did that, I think it would totally through off his opponent's concentration. Made by me from an image base by tingly_icons who was willing to let people modify the original.



My kid had a band concert tonight.  As I was sitting in the dark waiting for it to start, watching the band file onto stage, it struck me that years ago this had been my parents watching me or my brother.  Things run in circles.  We become our parents, we watch out children become us -- and eventually the cycle will start again with their children.  Everything connects, everything repeats, like a Buddhist prayer wheel spinning out mantras.  And the world, the universe, is danced in and out of creation, and in again.


so many bishies
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